Monday, April 8, 2013

HAWMC Day 8 - It's a bird, It's a plane, no it's a...Bull?!

So todays topic is if my lymphoma was an animal what would it be? At first glance I had no idea what kind of animal it would be. Then I started to think about my day today.

I have been actively training for a triathlon and been running a lot more. The more running I do I start to get a pain inside my hip joint. Not something like the IT band this is entirely different. In an effort to make sure something wasn't drastically wrong with my hip I got a referral to see an orthopedic doctor. Well I went to see him today. I had done x-rays and he mentioned some things on there (not about my hip) that were concerning to him. I was sure I knew what they were but when someone in the medical field is concerned about something no matter how much you know you still get nervous. Especially with my medical history. As I understand it and have been confirmed by my oncologist what they are seeing is scarring from where the lymphoma used to be and not be concerned about it. Made me feel a lot better!!

So this leads me to what kind of animal my lymphoma is. After today's unsettling experience the first thing I thought of was the saying "Like a bull in a china shop." So I decided my lymphoma is a bull. and as it turns out I feel is very fitting. Bulls are large, agressive and sometimes not so easily controlled. If you think about a bull being in a china shop they leave their mark everywhere. Breaking things, trampling things, basically you definitely know they were there. I feel like that is exactly what lymphoma has done.

While I had it it was large, aggressive and took a lot to get rid of it. Now that it's gone the damage that it had done to my body still tells you that it was once there. I couldn't think of a better analogy than that for my experience.

Maybe some day I can do a an extensive remodeling project and you will never even know it was there but I am thinking probably not.

Just for kicks I will call my bull, Edgar!

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