Monday, April 15, 2013

HAWMC Day 15: Sharing

Today's Day 15 task from WEGO Health's Health Activist Writer's Challenge is to Comment! Pick someone else’s blog post and write a comment to them. Write that comment as your post for today and link back to them to let them know you were inspired.

At first I wasn't sure what to pick because something I think of might not have been health activits but then again I also think it is more based on your own interpretation of what that means. I decided I wanted to pick something new to me so I started looking at some of my fellow HAWMC bloggers. I have to tell you I was quite impressed with many of them, but one in particular stuck out. That would be Ann Marie at Stupid Dumb Breast Cancer! I read a lot of her posts so it was hard for me to choose just one. I think the one thing about it is exactly what she says in the her post about why she became a blogger to keep people informed but that she wasn't going to censor herself which I love! It is so nice to see someone blogging that just post whatever they want, however they want! She is fantastically sassy and feisty!! You rock Ann Marie!

Be sure to check out her post Wow I am a "blogger" she in great!

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