Sunday, April 28, 2013

HAWMC Day 25: Learning from other health activists

Who I consider health activists may not consider themselves health activists or other people may not. I look at a health activist as someone who shares their own knowledge and experience to help promote healthy living. It might be in relation to a specific medical condition or exercise focused or just plain healthy living.

Here are few of my favorites!

Round Around Sara! She hasn't been posting much lately but she is a very good friend of mine and I basically owe my own health success to her. She was the driving force behind getting my butt moving! Through her sharing of her experiences and pushing me to try I was inspired and motivated to do it myself. I have learned so much from her and I continue to!

Healthy Melissa I met Melissa last summer, ironically enough because of round around Sara! Sara's post about the Chunky Dunk motivated Melissa to give it a shot last summer. Melissa is a great weath of knowledge and she shares it freely! She also have a Facebook page. I actually get more information from that because it comes up directly to my news feed. Fantastic recipe info, workouts, etc.

The Lean Green Bean I found her blog be accident one day. And I have loved it ever since! She has a little bit of everything in relation to healthy living, recipes, exercises, contests/challenges, social interactions, but of course my favorite thing is Foodie Penpals (be sure to go to her blog and check it out)! I love that she had a twitter account and uses it to promote her blog because that gives my little reminders to go and check it out when I see her post about a new post, or a new exercise routine, etc.

Those are my top 3 for now. I hope I was able to introduce some people to some new social media outlets of writer's I consider to be health activists! Enjoy!

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