Saturday, August 3, 2013

Three Years Later! Day 1

So here I was today sitting in with my LIVESTRONG at the YMCA group and one of them was sharing with us about that their date of their first surgery was 3 years ago yesterday. I started to think about my cancer journey only because I too was coming up on my 3 year diagnosis mark. The more I thought about I realized that today August 3rd was when my doctor had the unfortunate job of telling me she was 99% sure I had cancer. While the person in my group was talking she mentioned that she pretty much forgotten all about the date. I will admit that having had cancer is a huge part of who I am. I am proud of that because I like to think it is because I try really hard to be very involved in what I consider the cancer community. So I don't often forget things in relation to my diagnosis especially since the dates are tattooed on my body. But I did forget about August 3rd!
So many of you know my story so this isn't about that. I wanted to take the time to thank all those people who have helped me get to where I am today...This might be a little long I've had a lots of help!

My husband is first. I can only imagine what it must have been like for you to have watch me go through what I did. As difficult as it was for me I do understand that most often it is the hardest to watch those that you love while you feel helpless.You only ever cried with me even though I am sure you cried for me as well. You stood by me through everything, helped me at every turn, always have been supportive of whatever I have wanted to do and been one of my biggest cheerleaders at my racing events. Thank you so much for everything, I Love You!

My mom, I know that you lived through what is every parents worst nightmare seeing their child hurting and sick. You were strong for me even when I know it was the hardest thing you have ever done. You came to my appointments, helped keep life as easy as possible so I didn't have to worry about it and have supported me every step of the way since! I love you mom and am so glad you were and continue to be there for me. Love ya!

Julia, we have been friends for far to long for me to mathematically figure out right now. We are basically sisters. You were an amazing rock right from the start. I will never forget this day when you came home with everything you could think of to try and help cheer me up, including brownie batter Ben & Jerry's ice cream! You have been there for me every step of the way in any way you could. You continue to be a huge supporter in my life and I can't thank you enough for everything you do! Love ya sis!

Dr. Jeffrey Barnes or as you have always said, "My name is Jeff." We have actually talked about this at length and you have said that you don't feel like you should get attention or gratitude for something you are supposed to do. But there are a million different way this situation could have turned out. You gave me exactly what I needed to get myself through this from day, a positive outlook and reinforced my strong will to FIGHT! From that day on you have done nothing but provided me with everything I needed to be where I am today which mainly consists of saving my life but so much more beyond that. Always continue to treat your patients the way you still treat me! Thank you for absolutely everything!

Brianne, we started our Mass General journey together and I couldn't be happier about that! You have always been by my side exactly when I needed someone to be, even if you weren't physically there. You went beyond being my Nurse Practitioner, I would like to think you are my friend too! You always have something nice to say and help me realize just what my potential is! Thank you for helping get me to where I am today and just being you!

Mary, you are the epitome of what most people refer to as the feisty nurse. From the moment I met you with your funky hair that feathers in it I knew I was going to love you! You always said it like it was, but I always knew you had my best intentions at heart. I knew if I needed anything or something wasn't right you were the one to tell cause you would get it done. Even though you have moved on from Boston I still know that if there is anything I ever needed I have no doubt you would find a way to get it done! I will see you at some point in Ogunquit I promise! Thank you for everything, you helped me every step of the way!

Jamison and Matty, I have talked to many people who have said the same thing that there are those who you think will be there for you and they run the other direction. Then there are the ones who you think will run and they run right towards you! You both ran towards with me with open arms! Having you both come and visit me while I was going through all that was more beneficial then you will ever know! When I would find out you were coming it would brighten my day. You never made me feel sick, you just came to entertain me or as you both liked to say to pick up nurses! Even though we don't spend a lot of time together now I know that when it's crunch time I can count on both of you! Thank you so much for being my friends and always keeping me laughing!

Sara, honestly were do I even begin. You have helped in me in more ways than I can even explain. You helped me get to appointments, made me food and of course kept me up to date on what was happening in my classroom. As soon as I was feeling a little better you were right there to push me and never let me do the pity me party. You were the one that taught me to never say you can't do something. You started the ball rolling to my recovery and have kept pushing it even to this day! You helped me embrace my new life rather than fearing the unknown. Thank you for always believing in me and for being a good friend!

There are many other people and organizations that I would like to thank, but seeing as I have a few more important dates coming up I will save those special people for another post. But know not one of you has been forgotten! I am going to post a new blog every day from now until my diagnosis date August 12th, so be on the look out! Everyone likes to read something nice about themselves because we have gotten into a society that doesn't really say thank you anymore. But I'm gonna say it!

Hope you all enjoy thus far, stay tuned for tomorrows!

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