Monday, August 12, 2013

FD2 should get your shakira hips on! Day 8

I just recently came back from FD2 so this is what sticks in my mind the most and I thought what better way to continue the goodwill then thank all of you!

DAK you are first because you are the first person I met in the airport. You immediately welcomed me and made me feel comfortable. You even watched my bags for me so I could get something to eat. All week you nothing but encouraging and positive about everything we were doing! I love that even after you have continued to go out and find adventure, rock climbing, safety boating, etc. That is fantastic! Thank you for being you and for supporting me!

CoPilot I knew from the moment we stepped foot into that market it was going to be a fun week with you because you were trouble (but in a good way). You have this phenomenal desire to do everything to the fullest you can. Even when you were frustrated and considered not even wanting to be on the river you let us guide you and you have a great time! I am thankful that I now I have you as friend. You keep me motivated everyday! I will someday do a race with you so keep it up!

Dotcom I have to say after reading everything you write I have to seriously reconsider my blog haha. You are a very talented writer! But you are also another competitive person. I could not believe when you said you were there with a broken collard bone and were still so excited to go kayaking. I probably wouldn't have even made it on the plane never mind down a river. Even when you were the raft you made it your bitch! You have a great sense of humor and were always telling all of us what a great job we were doing. Thank you for sharing with us and making my FD2 experience that much better. Oh and I really am sorry about the penis!

Buo I 100% agree that your nickname should be GAP because some how you always managed to make whatever you were wearing look like a total fashion runway ensemble! I wanted to thank you for bringing spirit to my week. There were so many times on the river that you had something nice and positive to say to me and it always seemed to be just at the right moment. That made all the difference. Of course thank you for sharing the Teepee with me too. That was a great night! It was so nice to get to know you and of course you listened to me as well. You are one awesome person so keep doing what you're doing!

Flip Flop you are anything but flip flop while on the river. You always seemed so calm cool and collected and ready for anything! Thank you so much for your crazy fun self! You made me feel like I was the best kayaker around! You are so positive and supportive of everything I did then and even now! I loved our time on graduation day and of course our short time in the teepee together. Sorry we kept you awake!! :) Thanks for being my friend and for making the whole experience that much funner!

Tiger thank you for sharing the song of you with me. One of my favorite parts of the trip was when you would break out in song. I just loved it! You also had this calm, zen about you while on the river. You just went with the flow and did you what could do. Seeing you do that reminded me to stay calm and be one with the river. Which also carried throughout other parts of my life since. I try very hard to channel my inner El Tiger! Thank you for sharing with me!

Bro Puppy it was so nice to have someone to share my triathlon knowledge with. Most people I meet think I am crazy for even trying to do a triathlon but you were interested in what I had already accomplished. Thank you sharing that with me and I hope you do fantastic in your triathlon

RoadRash it was so much having you in our van! I was and continue to be inspired by the way you face your fears. You were really afraid to swim and out of all us and our carnage you were the only one to stay out of the water. Yet you still faced your fear and came out on top! That inspired me so much! Thank you for all your words of wisdom, sharing stories about your family and of course your continued support! You rock!

Pasta I loved hearing all about semester at sea and what you do there. That really does sound like a fun job! Thank you for all the adventure you had on the river. No matter what was around the next bend you couldn't wait to find out. That kept me moving forward and wanting to experience it just as much as you did. Thanks for helping to make the week, fun and unexpected!

Bobo you really made the week that much better. It was so great to be able to experience all of that with you. You even got to do a complete roll in the duo with Patch, that was really cool to see I can only imagine what it must have been like to actually do it! Thank you for sharing a part of yourself with us at campfire. It was so refreshing to hear your supportive words no matter where we were on the river. Always being so encouraging to not only me but everyone else as well! Thank you!

I saved my roommates for last but you all are certainly not least. Journey, Bruce and BandCamp rooming with you was such a fun week! You all shared so much of yourselves with me and made me feel right at home even though I was the last one to join coming in so late. We definitely need to arrange a time to have some more slumber parties! Mama Mia you're invited just to keep us in line.

Journey you are so easy to talk to, and you always have an encouraging word. I know how frustrated you got on the river but you never once gave up, you always got back in the kayak and said I want to do it again. You inspire me so much! Thank you for letting me be part of it all and for being a great new friend. We will be hitting the river again together real soon!

Bruce you are one fantastic Canadian! I love that you show your pride! Thank you for being one of my buddies on the river and always being supportive. I will forever remember the late night stories and having so much fun sharing with you. I hope you know how great you are and I hope that we will remain friends for a long time!

BandCamp I don't even know where to begin. I would hope by this point you know how much you have impacted my life. You are one crazy lady and I love it! I will paddle the river or swim a rapid with you anytime. I always know that when you are involved it will be a fun time! Thank you so much for everything you have given me!

Patch, Pedro, Braveheart, Bomb, Mama Mia, Ruby, Dude and Raz I hope you all know how much you have impacted my life and driven me even more towards getting out there and living it up! If for some reason you don't I will be more than happy to let you all know again that's how much I love you all!

All of you are fantastic and have given me more than I could have ever imagined. Today is the final day of my quest. This day three years ago I was diagnosed and here I am today living a whole new life with such phenomenal people adding to it and shaping it along the way! Thank you all for everything, we are all now new forever friends!

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  1. Aly you are the greatest! I'm sad we no longer share a coastline but I will have to insist you visit me out here so we can kayak together in Oregon! Maybe we can squeeze in a bike ride for AKP and if we don't stay up too late giggling we can go for a run. Huge hugs and love to you!!!
    Band Camp :)