Monday, August 5, 2013

Coming Out Of The Woodwork! Day 3

I have to admit the phrase coming out of the woodwork has always been interesting to me, but when faced with my sudden diagnosis it was very fitting. I had an out pouring of support from so many people it was almost overwhelming but in a very good way. Today's post goes out to all my friends!

Peter Adams believe or not you were invaluable to the whole process. You were willing to share all your knowledge through the experience with your mom. Everything you shared with me was so incredibly helpful and also kept me & medical team on track because I was always so organized with my notebook you told me to keep. I think your entertaining phone calls were what really did it for me. I loved that you would call just to tell me a story and brighten my day and would only talk about me being sick if I brought it up. That helped me feel like a normal person for a few minutes each time you called! Thank you for being such a kind and open friend!

Kevin oh kevin, you were another source of entertainment. You came to visit me in the hospital, you always checked in on me throughout the day when you would come home from work or be leaving for work. You even made me brownies! besides all of that the greatest thing you did for me was give me my lovely shot. I tried and tried to do it myself but I just couldn't. So when I asked you you did it without hesitation even though you had never done it before. You have a fantastic heart and I am so glad to call you my friend, thank you!

Lynne you are simply amazing. I think your beautiful flowers were the first thing I received when I was sick. That really brightened my day because it was so early on in the process that it was a nice break from all the stress. But then you didn't stop there, even though you were miles away you always sent your positivity to me through Facebook and you still do to this day. I think the best thing is the fantastic red sox hat you gave me. I had to sew the inside band for it to fit my head while I was bald however I will let you know that those stitches have since been removed and it fits rather well with all my hair back in place! Thank you so much for everything!

Marsha and Kristen you both really stepped up and helped me out with hats and scarves. I absolutely hate them and even now I look terrible in hats but without any hair you learn how valuable they are if for nothing more than to keep you warm. There wasn't much time that I went without something on my head so it was nice to have a variety of things to choose from depending on my mood. Marsha I promise I will get your hats back to you! Both of you are such great friends!! :)

Lisa all the support and encouragement you sent through Facebook was fantastic and always just when I needed it. But your package you sent was just amazing. I still hang the paper ornament you sent in my bedroom and of course the USB of music was simply phenomenal and I actually still listen to it even now. I truly appreciate all of it, Thank you so much for all your kindness!

Elizabeth were do I even begin, I suppose I really should have included you with family since we are basically family. I have known you pretty much my whole life and boy am I glad. I was happy to have you at MGH not only popping in and out during my first infusion but also for everything else. You shared all your knowledge with me, helped through times when I was a little panicky at home and didn't know if I should call Dr. Barnes, and of course coming to visit me in the hospital with balloons and all. It was always so nice knowing that I had you just a text message away and you never made me feel like I was bothering you. And of course there is also the added thank you for not only giving me but helping walk me through my first ever blood transfusion! You are one amazing nurse but an even better friend, thank you a million times over!

Gina Beck I was so excited to get your cards which undoubtedly always had something from the boys which always made me smile. One of my best days was when you came to visit me in the hospital. You shared your funny stories but listened to everything I wanted to share. You brought me some yummy goodies to which always help cheer people up! I think I was more concerned with you walking back to Emerson in the rain then what I was actually going through but you did it. Thank you for being a part of it and helping me through a difficult time!

To my box office slug Erica! Thank you so much for all the cards you sent and for always sending your good vibes and positive comments through Facebook. It really made a huge difference and still continues to with all your support since. I miss your face! :)

Thank you all more than I can ever really say!

There are so many more people to thank but there are still 6 days left so keep checking back. Also that means I have 6 days to reach my goal for First Descents so please everyone help me donate!

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