Monday, February 20, 2012

Birthday Surprise!

So my husband told me that we would be going away for the weekend to celebrate my birthday which was on Sunday. He would not tell me where we were going so I was in for a surprise. We left Friday morning and stopped at the Wrentham Outlets to do some shopping. It was nice to be able to walk around, look in the stores and just spend some leisurely time together. We left there and headed to our final destination!

We ended up in Brewster, Ma which is what some refer to as the heart of Cape Cod.

We stayed at a little bed and breakfast called Ole Manse Inn!

When we got there they were having a wine and cheese social for some of the guests. So we brought our things in, changed and headed out to partake in the festivities with everyone. The other couples were old than us, most of them had children that were only a few years younger than us but it was still nice to get to know who we would be sharing the B&B with for the next couple of days.

After the wine and cheese we relaxed for a little while in our room and then decided we wanted to go find something for dinner. However to our dismay we discovered that everything around Brewster closes up around 8:30 so finding food proved to be quite difficult. We ended up finding a Chinese restaurant called the double dragon. We ordered some food and went back to the B&B to eat and watch Despicable Me!

The next morning we were up bright and early so that we could be ready to be at breakfast for 9am.

This is the menu board as we walked into the dining room.

Everything was delicious! Me one of the pickiest people I know even ate the Greek Fritatta (minus the mushrooms of course). 

After breakfast we decided we would head down to Provincetown and walk along the strip and go to all the little shops. We spent about 4 hours there and it was really nice because it wasn't too cold outside and because it is the off season it wasn't overly crowded so it was a nice way to spend the day. We did come across some rather fun things though. 

 It isn't everyday you come across a pink bear!

We then went back and had lunch at place called The Lost Dog. We had a really good Surf and Turf pizza which had a white sauce with cheese, scallops and bacon...Delicious!!

Then we returned to our room to rest/nap/watch another movie. By the time we decided it was time to get up and go find something for dinner it was once again close to 10pm but this time we thought we were prepared. I had found a pub that was open until 1am and we were able to get a gift certificate through for it as well. We get there only to find out that they are infact open until til 1am but their kitchen closed at 9pm...apparently we are just not meant to have dinner so we go back to our room.

The next day was a little better. We again got up early to make sure we don't miss breakfast, this time we were getting blueberry stuffed french toast!

It was very good but could have stood to be a little sweeter!

We decided that since it was such a nice day outside and we were so close that we couldn't leave without walking down to the beach. So we packed our stuff, checked out, packed the car and headed out on our walk. I however miss understood what the inn keeper told us and took the wrong street, we did however realize this and was able to take a little detour to get ourselves back on track.

We walked down a little side road to get back on track and it just so happened to be next to this cemetery.

We did finally make it to the beach and had to walk about a mile along the shore to get to where we should have been to begin with. 

But with a view like this who wouldn't want to walk along the beach?

We enjoyed our walk and did make it back to where we should have started. We also made it back to the B&B, to the car and headed for home.

We decided to stop in Framingham and walk around Shoppers World just to go in the stores and it was actually nice out so we figured why not. 

We ended our weekend at Not Your Average Joe's restaurant in Westborough because they have an amazing birthday offer of a free entree and dessert so who can pass that up? All the food was delicious and it was a great way to end an amazing weekend! I think everyone should take the time to get away every now and then, it is something we all need!

Thank you to Lewis for making my birthday so special, I hope you had as much fun as I did!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Alison!! Sorry I am late in wishing u.
    But Guess what?? Sai's Birthday is in February too.
    (U guys are twins I tell u). His is this Friday(Feb 24th).
    Anyway I want to take him some where too. Can u share me the details of this place? It sounds amazing. I wanted this or planning to go to some where in RI.
    Let me know if u know of any nice places.