Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Beauty Within

I got up at 7:15 this morning to head out the door and take that long drive into Boston as I have all to often done. It was a fairly uneventful ride, not much traffic because it was a Saturday morning.

I have come to know most of the landmarks running down the mass pike heading towards the city. There of course is the billboard for the museum of science, fenway park, New Balance building, shaws supermarket, PBS, etc. I swear my car could actually make this drive without my help.

I got off on exit 18 as usual, as I turned right on to Storrow Drive the Charles River came into view. I immediately thought how much I love this city.

Despite that I have never lived more than an hour from Boston and done the typical things like Faneuil Hall, the Aquarium, the Garden, Boston Common, etc I never really spent a lot of time there. Which is why I find it so intriguing how much I really love the city and just constantly find the beauty in it.

My "relationship" with Boston really started 3 1/2 years ago. It was late summer and I was headed down the mass pike just like I did this morning. Only it was filled with fear. I was going to Mass General Cancer Center to fight the cancer growing in my body. That started an endless journey of the constant drive back and forth, doctors visits, test galore, and then of course the hospital stays. Needless to say the base which our relationship was built was anything but a good one.

I distinctly remember all the times I was in the hospital spent sitting on the couch in my room gazing out the window 21 floors up watching the city. All different times of day, watching the rowers and sailboats on the river, runners, walkers, bikers getting to different points all over, it seemed they were all moving at the speed of light while I sat and watched. I think I have seen more sunrises and sunsets over that city than anywhere else.

Then came to the point where I was "done" with my fight against cancer, it was gone! But yet here I am again driving back and forth dealing with one of the long term side effects of the chemo that saved my life. Going to the Vincent Fertility center at the wee hours of the morning hoping I will be able to have children.

So as I made that turn and saw the river the feeling of how much I love the city surprised me. In all honesty to most people there are more negative correlations between me and this city than positive.

However there is beauty within everything.  Looking out my window high above gave me more than I can say. The friendships I have made are abundant. Basically the city took me, gave a hug and a safe place, it saved my life in more ways than one. So even after everything I love Boston and actually look forward to that sometimes long drive the mass pike, it's just so beautiful!

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