Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Land of Fruitfullness Part II

We went today back to Mass General Fertility Clinic to meet with the Doctor. It was a very good appointment with a positive outlook and everything seems to moving forward.

The results of my HSG were just as the radiologist said, both Fallopian tubes are open with no blockages or abnormalities!! That was very exciting to hear! Lewis's testing came back saying that it seemed artificial insemination was going to be a good route for us to go vs. Invetro at least at first so that was also positive!

The extra good thing about this appointment was that it just so happened to fall on my cycle day 3 which is when they do some hormone testing. I had already had all this done but it was a random sampling because of the spontaneity of my periods. So it was prefect to be able to get a true reading this time.

As it stands right now I have to go see another OB/GYN that deals with High-Risk Pregnancies and Medical Complications so that I can be cleared to proceed. Basically I am going to have to talk about what chemo meds I was on what the potential was for that to have cause a medical complication and I am sure there will be some level of clearance received from my oncologist as well.

Once all that is complete the plan is to hopefully start with my next cycle which is very exciting! I will be giving myself (or most likely Lewis will be doing it) shots of FSH to help the ovulation process. Going in very frequently for ultrasounds and blood work. Once everything looks good  we will go in together. Lewis get's the fun job giving the sample and then I go through the insemination process.

so although this is a much shorter port then the first, this is currently where we are in the fertility process. I am very hopeful that things will go smoothly from here. Although I am aware of what a process this can really be!

Here's to hoping my positive outlook helps us through all this!

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