Saturday, February 2, 2013

30 from 100

On February 19th I will be turning 30! I know who would believe 3 decades have gone by? I certainly find myself thinking where has the time gone. But I also plan on embracing this lovely number as much as I can because I am a better healthier person at 30 than I was at any other age so why not.

I know I have many people who are friends and family that this will reach and because of that I would like to tell you my plan for turning 30. I got to have an amazing experience last summer where I got to go white water kayaking and spend a fantastic week in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina making some good friends and connecting with fellow young adult cancer survivors. And it was free to me and something I truly needed all thanks to Although I am heavily involved with many cancer organization this was the first time it was with young adults. It was something I will not soon forget and will hopefully have the chance to experience again this summer some where new. If you would like to check out my experience click here.

 But down to my plan for 30, I have joined Team FD (First Descents) again this year. I have chosen my challenge to be completing my first ever Olympic triathlon! Last year I completed a sprint triathlon and was able to raise $2,000.00 with the help of very generous people. This year I raised my goal to $3,000.00 and I figured what better way to celebrate turning 30 than asking 100 people to donate $30. Seems like my $3,000.00 goal is a lot more attainable breaking it down that way, doesn't it?

For all of my family and friends I would like to ask that in lieu of any kind of birthday gifts that you be one of the 100 that donates to my Team FD page.

I am hoping that this will get a lot of attention and I will surpass my goal and send even more young adult cancer survivors on the adventure of their new life!

To donate click here. Who will be the first?

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