Monday, November 19, 2012

25 Days Of A Slimmer Christmas Challenge!

The idea behind this is to get you more aware of what you are eating and how much you are being physically active. I know some people don't want to deprive themselves of a certain food but the idea behind this is figure out some alternatives so that you have variety in your diet. Give it a shot you never know what you might discover. So I figured what better time to really focus on staying on track than at the holidays?

Each day you will have something new that you need to follow whether it be a food restriction, adding more exercise, making healthy substitutions etc. 

I thought of this because I need a jump start to get me back on track and get me through the upcoming holiday season. Then I thought why not include my friends and family and make it a fun challenge with prizes and all! 

So here are the guidelines:
 Challenge will begin at 12am on December 1st and end at 11:59pm on December 25th (Christmas day).

 There will be three prizes awarded:
1st – Most points earned
2nd – Most weight lost
3rd – Most creative

I am not telling you which prizes are for what that you'll just have to wait to find out. 

Here are the three prizes: 
- $50 Spa Gift Card
- Rest and Relaxation Gift Basket 
(made especially to the winners likes) 
-A one year subscription to The Food Network Magazine. 

So hope those are incentive enough for you!

For the entire challenge you must complete these two things - this is the base and it grows from here.
  • Must do at least 30 minutes of physical activity 4 times a week (physical activity could be anything. If you are currently not physically active start small)
  • Make a restriction to one unhealthy food that you really like or find that you have been over indulging in daily. Meaning you cut back on the amount or you cut it out of your diet completely for the 25 days.

Here are the daily requirements some of them continue from that day until the challenge ends so please read carefully:

December 1st – Drink 6-8 glasses of water for the remainder of the challenge
December 2nd – Eat a healthy breakfast
December 3rd – Vegetarian day! Every meal must be vegetarian (get creative trying new proteins)
December 4th – No fast food for the remainder of the challenge
December 5th – Eat only 100% whole wheat (ie. Pasta, bread, rice, crackers, etc)
December 6th – No snacking on things like chips, Doritos, pretzels, etc.
December 7th – Take a walk either after lunch or after dinner.
December 8th – Plan and prepare all your meals for the following day
December 9th – Add 15 minutes to your physical activity
December 10th - No candy for the remainder of the challenge
December 11th – Eat 5 servings of fruits or vegetables
December 12th – No peanut butter for the remainder of the challenge
December 13th - Limit your caffeine intake
December 14th - No Chocolate for the remainder of the challenge
December 15th – Eat fruit with breakfast as well as 1 snack
December 16th – Get a friend or family member to exercise with you that is not part of the challenge
December 17th – No ice cream for the remainder of the challenge
December 18th – Replace your dessert with a piece of fruit or yogurt
December 19th – Complete one random act of kindness (The more creative the better)
December 20th – No take out for the remainder of the challenge
December 21st – 1 alcoholic beverage allowed (If you do not drink alcohol then limit another beverage that you might be over indulging in this time of year)
December 22nd – Try a new exercise/class or do something that isn't part of your general routine.
December 23rd – Eat fish (If you are vegetarian or vegan: Try a new protein or one you don’t eat as often)
December 24th – Try a new vegetable
December 25th – Use weights or resistance in your physical activity

Here is how you will earn points throughout the challenge:

-If you complete each of the individual daily requirements you will earn 1 point for each one you do .
-For all the cumulative requirements you will earn an additional point for each day that you continue to follow that requirement.
-If you complete the required 4 times a week of at least 30 minutes of physical activity you will receive 1 point for each week. (week will be from Saturday to Friday).
-Since the 25th is on a Tuesday you will receive 1 point for every day you are physically active for at least 30 minutes from December 22nd – 25th.
-You will earn 2 points per week for your personal restriction. (Same rule applies for this as for exercise) 1 point for each day you do this from December 22nd - 25th.
-You will also earn 1 point for each additional day that you add in at least 30 minutes of physical activity above the required 4 times a week. 

Here is how to make sure I know about creativity:

I will be providing you with a log. When you complete each day be sure to add as much detail as possible about what you ate, what your physical activity was, something that helped you accomplish that days tasks. The more you give me and the more creative you are the better!

For weight loss:

This will be on your honor. If you would like to be in this part of the challenge be sure when you email me that you include your starting weight and then at the end you will resubmit with your ending weight.

Now let the fun begin!!

If you would like to participate please email with your name (include twitter and blog if applicable) as well as what unhealthy food you are making restrictions too and what the restrictions are. If you would like be part of the weight loss challenge please include your starting weight.
 I need to receive your email by November 30th at 10pm or you will not be eligible for the prizes.

Once I receive your email I will be emailing you a confirmation that I received your entry and I will also attach an excel log for the challenge. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 24 hours then please resend your email.
Please use the log each day as you will need to send it back to me when the challenge is over to be eligible for the prizes. Remember, be as creative as you can. See if you can come up with new workouts, try new recipes, etc.

End of challenge:
Between December 26th until December 30th please submit your log. Also include notes of things you liked, didn't like etc. If you are part of the weight loss challenge also include your ending weight. I will send out a reminder to submit your log so you don’t miss out as this is a very busy time of year!

I will announce the winners the beginning of January.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Happy Challenge!


  1. I hope that you get this. I know that I sent before

  2. Good luck to all who is doing this. Thank you Alyson for everything.

  3. The first day is almost over. I did get 6 glasses of h2o in. I also walked for 30 min. Day one down.

  4. Day 1 & 2 were easy now I just have to remember that today is vegetarian day for the whole day. I hope I remember. Glad you are doing well Christine! :)

  5. I am on day 5. Doing well. Getting the walking in is hard. I actually walked around the house the other night. But I did it. Enjoy the Trx Alyson.