Thursday, August 9, 2012

Everyone Tri's, Try it you'll like it! Week 1

So since I am planning on doing a triathlon exactly a month from today when I saw this as I was going to swim I had to sign up for it.
I also talked my friend Sara into doing it with me because we were supposed to be doing the triathlon together too (that's whole other story). So I went and signed both of us up.

Sara was away the first day of class so I originally wasn't going to go, but then I decided that since I was only busy for half the class that I would go for the second half.

I got there just as everyone was getting ready to get in the water. The teacher Jill put me and another guy in the first lane because we were the only two who hadn't taken the class before and she wanted to watch us swim. I was ok with this because I already knew I was going to be the slowest out of everyone there but hey at least I was there and trying to change my life. So we swam, she taught us a couple of new strokes, catch up stroke, glorified doggy paddle (but actually more difficult). She had a few pointers for me but for the most part had more the say to the guy I was sharing with. At the time I thought to myself well I am either completely hopeless so she is not even wasting her time trying to correct me (you can see the kind of mood I was in when I arrived to class) or I wasn't as bad a swimmer as I think I am. At this moment I am going to go with the second thought, I am trying to be more positive. When all was said and done we swam 1500 meters. Now mind you for the triathlon I am doing I only need to swim 450 meters but hey at least I know I can swim more than that.

The end of the class we got out of the water and did stretching. While we were stretching Jill started telling us about what we were going to be doing during the next class. That we were going to work on water transitions REPEATEDLY to wear what we are going to wear for the triathlon as well as sneakers we didn't mind getting wet.

My first thought was, "Oh no what have I gotten myself into?" then I quickly changed my mind frame. First of all I have absolutely no idea what I am wearing for the triathlon. I am hoping that I will be able to raise enough money to get a first descents tri suit for TeamFD but if not I will have to have a plan B. And then I was thinking about the repeated transitions. I am not entirely sure what that is supposed to accomplish. When I do the triathlon once I am out of the water that is it there is in and out but we will see what the next week holds. 

I have to say I left the class feeling very overwhelmed and I hadn't even done the spin part of the class. I am afraid this is going to be a long four weeks. But hopefully I will get  a lot out of it.

Stay tuned for week 2 for another exciting adventure!

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