Sunday, March 4, 2012


I have many friends who have taken spinning class and honestly there is a pretty even split between those you love it and are addicted to it and those who just don't like it. I normally do Zumba on sunday mornings which I absolutely LOVE! But this week our instructed is on vacation so the class was not being held, in an effort to find something to replace it I started looking at the class schedule at the Y. For both yesterday and today the only offering that I was remotely interested in was spin class. I opted to do a swim routine yesterday and do spin today. 

Since I decided to take spin I decided I would ask for some input from others as to their experience so I would have a little heads up as to what to expect. After posting this on both facebook and twitter I pretty much got universally that I would have a sore butt, bring lots of water and a towel. So I prepared myself as best I could the night before and went to get a good nights sleep. A few people suggested I should go get a gel seat cover but unfortunately I did not have time so I just had to hope I would be able to take it for the hour class.

Fast forward to this morning. I arrived early in hopes that I could let the instructor know I was a newbie and get help setting up my bike. However the 8:30 class I was there for the door got unlocked to the studio at 8:25 due to some printer issues apparently so everyone rushed in and got their spots. I ended up in the last row which secretly I was happy about cause I really didn't need anyone watching me attempt this.

 I actually did very well setting up my bike. It ended up not being that difficult but then again I know the basics as far as how much bend in your legs and how far you should be leaning to the handle bars so that was good. It wasn't until we were about a minute into the warm up song that the instructor asked if there was anyone new. I was the only one therefore the spot light was on me, literally because I was directly under the ceiling light! ironic. She said it looked as though I had done well setting up my bike and that most importantly just go at my own pace. 

I am sure glad I listened because let me tell you had I kept up with everyone else it would not have been pretty. I did well until about 25 minutes in. I was keeping good pace and doing well with the sitting/standing intervals. But then I started getting these waves of nausea. I couldn't drink anymore water for fear of it becoming more than just nausea, but I pressed on.

At about 47 minutes I got an extremely strong way of nausea so I really dialed it back. Everyone else was standing and I was lowering gear, go figure! But I didn't give up just because the resistance was lighter didn't mean I wasn't still getting some kind of workout so I was ok with this.

I did recover after a few minutes and was able to step back up to the challenge for the remaining 5 mins and then we started our cool down. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the cool down not only meant going slower but also doing upper body stretches while riding. Then for the last 2 minutes we got off the bike and did leg stretches. I love that this was included in the class!!!

I had started a little earlier than the actual class while I was trying to setup my bike so I got in an extra 3 minutes! I was very happy with 27.1 miles considering the longest I have ever gone on any stationary bike is 12 miles which means I more than doubled that!! 

The best part is that the instructor did such a good job of alternating between sitting and standing my butt doesn't even really hurt that much! I will definitely be visiting a spin class again!


  1. Congratulations! I'm glad you didn't throw up! After my first class I posted on facebook that I survived and my accomplishment was that I didn't throw up! My butt started to hurt more the next the day so good luck! I am attending my 3rd cycle class tomorrow. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thank you do much for your insight. It helps to know another newbie (sort of) to spinning! Also Glad you were able to get in on the foodie penpals program. It is SO much fun!! I hope you enjoy your first month!

  3. I love cycling but not spin class.

    Your post on spin class has motivated me to give it another try!

    Thanks :)